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Celibacy, a Love Story gAbram Slivka my Papa Eva Slivka my MamaHanna Slivka 14 years old loves to readLeeba Slivka 12 years old loves to sewSymon Slivka 10 years old a reallyood bit who Loves his dog Ovid our dogSteed our horseWe all lived in this house until October 12 1942 If you find this say these names out loud please and bury this paper in the yard Maybe a reuest for some semblance of a proper burial Perhaps a plea for remembrance These are the words that Hanna buries in a tin in the Slivka family s yard before they are forced to flee their home their uiet happy existence as the Nazis move in to make the town free of Jews This becomes a journey for survival from their life in the shtetele this small town their Polish and Jewish roots in the Ukraine to the deep of the forest and eventually to the darkness of a cave finding refuge from the darkest hearts of the Nazis We don t see much of the horrific things that happened to the Jews as they are rounded up and sent to camps but we know of course and the characters find out as the novel moves forward They learn that railway cars take away Jews and then the Nazis don t take them away any They just shoot them as they try to escape through the forest We do see first hand the hunger and hardship that the Slivka family their extended family and neighbors endure There was no food at times They were starving until one of the men or older boys could safely leave to scrounge what they could This is a beautifully written well researched story inspired by a real family who together survived the holocaust by hiding in a cave for well over a year This is a story of courage of love of family of culture of religious beliefs of how it is possible to sustain hope in the face of hunger and darkness and loss Through the beloved character of Mrs Petrovich one of my favorites the kind Christian neighbor we are reminded of the oodness of people so many of whom aided Jews through these horrifying times Through the characters of the Cohan brothers we are reminded of the courage of so many who risked their lives to save the people in their community I was struck that this was about the importance of story telling both real and wonderfully imagined on a number of levels When the novel begins it is Hanna telling her story of survival to her daughter Hanna s beloved friend Mrs Petrovich tells her stories through the beautiful eggs she decorates The spirits of the children as well as the adults were sustained in the dark cave by the voices the children as they say tell me a story There are stories told in the cave remembering loved ones some biblical and some are fables of a sort all beautifully told Then of course there is this beautiful story told by Tara Lynn Masih encompassing all of this itself based on a true one While this may be eared to a YA audience it is far from an ordinary coming of age story I believe it s an extraordinary story that everyone should read because it s an imperative reminder that we can t forget that the Holocaust happened and we can t let it happen againI received an advanced copy of this book from Mandel Vilar Press through NetGalley 5 Stars for this poignant beautifully written debut YA novel inspired by real Holocaust events One of the most touching aspects of this book for me was the strength determination loyalty and love each of the characters showed during such a bleak and desperate time It isn t easy to sustain positivity during such a horrifying time Yet family friendship hope culture devotion and religious beliefs paid a pivotal role in sustaining the Jewish people through the darkest of times when all else was lostIn My Real Name is Hanna Hanna Slivka is a young teen forced to leave her home and life as she knows it behind when the Germans cross the border into the Ukraine intent on making the land Jew free Along with members of her family and others from her village she is forced into hiding in underground caves There they live in the damp and cold darkness with meager amounts of food and little to no real comforts for over a year For a book focused on a time filled with such bleakness cruelty and despair the story was Beautiful Almost Lyrical In Its Descriptions And Emphasized Compassion It almost lyrical in its descriptions and emphasized compassion It on the people that put their lives at risk to help others The strong familial bonds and unyielding friendships depicted were a stark contrast to the prejudice violence and hate of the timeThis is a powerful story that should be read and experienced by all 5 beautiful and transfixing stars to My Real Name is HannaSome of the most meaningful poignant books I have read have been about the Holocaust and My Real Name is Hanna will be placed on that same shelf I will say my real name to you for the first time Hanna Slivka Don t I will say my real name to you for the first time Hanna Slivka Don t scared I am still your mother Born on February twenty second in the winter of 1928 Your Pedal Control: Achieving Speed, Control, Power, and Endurance for the Feet grandmother often told me to remember this date because that is the day that God allowed me into this world to breathe my first soul breath of chilled Ukrainian air Hanna Slivka is a teen living in Soviet occupied Ukraine when Hitler s army crosses the border She and her family are Jewish and the Gestapo wants the town Kwasova to be free of Jews The book begins however with a beautiful setting up of the scenery and daily life of this family living in a peaceful Ukraine I was not familiar with the culture of Ukraine especially during this time period so I soaked in all of the stunningly descriptive prose Once the army arrives Hanna s father is favored because he can fix things that no one else can but eventually their luck runs out and they are forced to pack what they can and flee into the forest with other families They later move to live in the caves for security and less exposure This is where they stayed for over a year s time but not without some of theood helpers in the world contributing Based on true events and with less than 5% of Ukrainian Jews surviving the Holocaust this type of story begs to be told because there are so few around to tell it Tara Lynn Masih s lyrical writing illustrates the strength and sheer will of Hanna and her family to survive Overall My Real Name is Hanna is a strong emotionally resonant story of friendship family and true compassion in the most dire of times Many thanks #To The Author For The Finished Copy #the author for the finished copy review All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom It s ok to cry Hannacrying is a form of breathingugly sobbing Narrated in the voic. Finalist in the National Jewish Book Awards Winner of the Julia Ward Howe Award a Florida Book Award a Skipping Stones Honor Award and a Foreword Book of the Year AwardInspired by real Holocaust events this poignant award winning debut novel is a powerful coming of age story that will resonate with fans of The Book Thief and Between Shades of GrayHanna Slivka is on the cusp of fourteen when Hitler’s army crosses the border into Soviet occupied Uk. ,

My Real Name Is HannaTore away people s morals and values A time when fear and hatred ruled the day But in the darkness of the caves humanity existed People helped people lives were lived hope remained and the true meaning of what makes a home is learnedThis is a timely book as there are so very few Holocaust survivors left in the world My Ma passed away in 2017 Books such as this one keeps their stories and memories alive No one truly knows what heshe is capable of until they are placed to the test Readers may ask could I survive this I hope none of us ever have to find outAs I mentioned this book is well written and contains beautiful descriptions of nature I enjoyed Hanna s relationship with her next door neighbor and both of their openness and interest in each other s lives This book showed the strength of family bonds but also showed the strength of friendship and how small acts of kindness can not only make someone s day but can also save a life This is a wonderful book about courage survival and family for readers of all ages but is Poseidons Arrow (Dirk Pitt, geared for the YA population A 2018 Skipping Stones Honor Award BookThank you to Mandel Vilar Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review All of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my ownRead of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom STRUGGLE AND SURVIVAL in the Ukraine Due to shifting borders Hanna and her family have been considered Poles Austrisns and Ukrainians Changing tides once again threaten as the Germans are heading their way As a Jewish family they are close and close to many of their non Jewish neighbors I I am no longer afraid to walk in the dark In MY REAL NAME IS HANNA a bright courageous and clever young soon to be 14 year old narrates the story of her loving Jewish family as they navigate through the dangerous and deadly times of the holocaust The Slivka s areood caring people who don t harm anyonejust want to live in peacebut that is not to be As rumors of a Nazi invasion to a remote Ukraine strengthen escape is the only answer to stay togetherstay aliveor die on their own terms Uprooted from their beloved home papa Abram and mama Eva leave family and friends behind Dmitri gather together their three children and head off to a small cabin deep in the woodsuntil they must move on againuntil intense fear take them into complete darkness Oh My Gosh While times are dark and struggles unending there is love hope and many kindnesses exchanged within theripping pages of this relatively short novel Special friends meaningful tales and oh that secret message tree make for an extraordinary and timely story for both young and old alikeMY REAL NAME IS HANNA is a work of fiction inspired by some true life experiences of a horrific past not to be forgotten and yet another reminder of how prejudice can lead to a hate filled society of violence and death Many thanks to author Tara Lynn Masih and Mandel Vilar Press via NetGalley for the arc COMING SEPTEMBER 11 2018 in exchange for review Dance me to the children who are asking to be bornDance me through the curtains that our kisses have outwornRaise a tent of shelter now though every thread is tornDance me to the end of love Dance Me to the End of Love Leonard Cohen Songwriters Leonard Cohen I will say my real name to you for the first time Hanna Slivka Don t be scared I am still your mother Born on February twenty second in the winter of 1928 Your Italian Riviera grandmother often told me to remember this date because that is the day that God allowed me into this world to breathe my first soul breath of chilled Ukrainian air She told me all this as we sat in fear for our lives in the dark That our people believe the breath of life neshamah is holy That she could see snow falling outside the windowreat big flakes like A Beach Party with Alexis goose feathers And a bantam cock crowed she said as if to welcome me My family told stories We swallowed them in place of food and water Stories kept us alive in our underground sanctuary The world continued to carry out its crimes above us while we fought just to remain whole below Sharing this story with her daughter now from when this begins in May of 1941 she shares this story with us as readers her personal petition that this story their family story be held in her daughter s memories Life in Kwasova in the days before the war was simple andood with their life filled with the daily rituals the small tasks throughout the day and prayer But life changes as often as their country s borders change and historically they have been Ukrainian Polish or Austrian citizens On the day that Hitler invades the 1st of September 1939 they are Polish and the border is now down the middle of Poland As the Nazis take over hostility toward Jews increases the number of people they can trust decreases and by 1942 life is unsustainable there and they make plans to leave but it takes time to Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin gather that which they hope to keep and what they reluctantly must leave behindThey leave their home on October 12th of 1942 with Hanna leaving a note that includes all of their names including their dog and horse and the ages of the children asking the person who finds this list to please say these names out loud and then bury the paper in the yardOnce they leave their journey is fraught with problems that start out small and few between but as timeoes by and food is scarce or impossible to find Shelter that they once had they are forced to leave until they seek shelter in a cave Knowing the alternatives there are few complaints at first but as time oes by The Effects Of Living Like effects of living like begin to take a toll While the Nazi Camps are mentioned the focus of this story Is On This One Extended on this one extended and their fight for survival in a story that is incredibly compelling but without the descriptions of the horrors we have all come to know of by reading about the Holocaust This is categorized as a Teens Young Adult novel but can be appreciated by all ages It is also worth noting that this story was inspired by Esther Stermer s No Place on Earth a documentary based on the true story Ms Stermer s book We Fight to Survive A uote by her follows a dedication at the start of this book Long ago people believed that spirits and hosts lived in the ruins and caves Now we could see that there were none here The devils and evil spirits were on the outside not in the rotto Esther Stermer author of We Fight to Survive Pub Date 25 Sep 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by Mandel Vilar Press. Ud to harbor evil spirits Underground they battle sickness and starvation while the hunt continues above When Hanna’s father disappears suddenly it’s up to Hanna to find him and to find a way to keep the rest of her family and friends alive Sparse resonant and lyrical weaving in tales of Jewish and Ukrainian folklore My Real Name Is Hanna celebrates the sustaining bonds of family the beauty of a helping hand and the tenacity of the human spirit. .

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E of 14 year old Hanna My Real Name is Hanna is the true story of a Jewish family on their uest for survival in the Ukraine during the Holocaust The family eventually takes refuge in underground caves leaving them to try to make some semblance of a life while being cast in complete and total darknessWhat is it like to take your last breath What if the sound of it ave you away ugly sobbing This is a powerful story about family hope and ultimately the Operational Culture for the Warfighter goodness of mankind I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is the story of a youngirl named Hanna Slivka and her family who are Jewish and live first in Poland then in the Ukraine during the years of the HolocaustA story of love family and survival This family had to The Butterfly and the Baron go to extremes to try and stay safe always on alert having to leave their homefirst to the foreststhen to the caves and sticking together to survive There were a few kind people along the way that were a help to them but surviving was immensely difficultI did like that this showed the population left in the towns and how they coped versus another concentration camp story Regardless all the stories are so important and this one is based on the life of a real personThank you to Netgalley and Mandal Vilar Press for the free digital ebook Asood as life looks now to us young children there is still a sense of always looking over your shoulder for something to hit you This is one of the most beautiful books of the year Based on the true story of a Jewish family living in Ukraine during the darkest period in History the Second World War it is a story of fear and struggle for survival a fight for dignity and hope that refuse to be persecuted and die Through the eyes of Hanna a 14 year old Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate (The Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter Book, girl we find ourselves in the beautiful haunting Ukrainian forests in a time when the dark clouds of fascism have covered the worldHanna s land becomes a trapped helpless animal in the hands of the worst powers in European History the Nazis and the Soviets Under Stalin every religion is forbidden Aood useful member of the community is made to show obedience to the State Exclusively Nothing else is sacred There is no way out for the people and strife leads them to believe that the Nazis will be able to make things better So on the one side Hitler is waiting On the other Stalin is in power The country is trapped between two insane tyrantsThe dark atmosphere is interrupted by the beautiful descriptions of a nature that is both mesmerizing and unsettling It will soon be destroyed by the black boots of demons It was a relief and a joy to read about the traditions the customs the prayers of the Jewish community The folktales shared by Taras Song grandmothers and mothers to the newenerations tales of courage that help them stand as bravely as they can There are also extensive references to the pagan traditions of the land before the coming of Christianity particularly reflected in the Easter customs Even the nightly forest dark and full of dangers holds a certain appeal Tara Lynn Masih painted a background that is menacing and fascinating Someday someone will betray us For money for food for their own lives spared The worst conseuence of war is the way in which communities are torn apart People who used to live together in peace and understanding become enemies prepared to jump at their neighbour s throat There is a particularly striking scene in which an old poster of Stalin is covered by a brand new poster of Hitler For me it was the saddest moment in the story showing the lack of any kind of escape for the citizens Another memorable moment out of many is the seuence of atrocities carried out as the immortal creations of Bach and Beethoven are echoing like a soundtrack from Hell I don t know whether this is historically accurate but it definitely makes you wonder how war destroys every sense of beauty and dignity and kindness in enemies and victims alike Home is where you are safe Masih does a wonderful job in creating a claustrophobic threatening atmosphere throughout the story The nightmare of living in constant fear waiting for that knock on the door that will lead you to Hell The prejudice the deliberate spreading of hostility against innocent people how Populism always finds the soil to Atlas of Anatomy grow when the economic situation is shaky and no country is immune to this vile diseaseIn my opinion this novel is on par with Between Shades of Gray Perhaps even better The characters are extremely well written and the writer didn t resort to overtly violent descriptions for shock value There is violence and cruelty but in a way that isn tory There is no need for over the top descriptions We all know what happened We all know what war brings even the fortunate Dont Let Go (Tyack Frayne, generations that had no first hand experience of what war really means Still there is hope Every war eventually ends and nations that once were enemies now work together for peace and prosperity This is how it should be History should help us remember so as not to repeat the wrongs of the past It isn t there to prolong enmities between countries for all eternity This is the only way to create some kind of sense in this tortured worldMany thanks to Mandel Vilar Press and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest reviewMy reviews can also be found on This book was inspired by real Holocaust eventsI have lost everything that can ever be lost I haveiven everything that can ever be Under Crescent and Cross given my family s MA Holocaust SurvivorHanna Slivka is almost fourteen years old when her entire world is turned upside down Hitler s army has crossed into the Soviet occupied Ukraine They are intent on making the land free of Jews Hanna s lifeoes from exploring with her siblings and helping her neighbor decorate psyanky eggs to having rocks thrown at her on her walk home from school to hiding in the walls of her home when the army comes to eventually leaving everything behind to seek safety in the forest and eventually in an underground cave with several other familiesThe caves although they provide protection do not let in any sunlight fresh air and keeps them in perpetual darkness both literally and figuratively They do not know what oing on in outside world until their members must to find in the world until their members must leave to find and hopefully trade with nearby farmersThis book is a well written account of what it was like to livesurvive during the Holocaust Where neighbors either helped neighbors or turned on them Where hatred and racism. Raine Soon the Gestapo closes in determined to make the shtetele she lives in “free of Jews” Until the German occupation Hanna spent her time exploring Kwasova with her younger siblings admiring the drawings of the handsome Leon Stadnick and helping her neighbor dye decorative pysanky eggs But now she Leon and their families are forced to flee and hide in the forest outside their shtetele and then in the dark caves beneath the rolling meadows ,