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Snatching DiannaSnatching Dianna by Seelie Kay is the first book in the Feisty Lawyers series and what a book it is Full of thrilling suspense intrigue and twists and turn this book will HAVE YOU ON A ROLLER COASTER you on a roller coaster with its fast Grammar by Diagram pace writing and well written storyDianna Murphy is a law student and one night she vanishes her room mate is convinced something has happen to her but no one will listen so she enlists the help of her Law Professor to help in finding out what really happen to her friend but her Lawrofessor is not all she seems Janet MacLachlan was once a secret agent and with help from her husband the olice chief

"And A Merry Band Of "
a merry band of they decide to find out what really happenedThis book will have you on the end of your seat although a short novel this does not stop the effectiveness of the full story With the twists and turn you are taken on a journey with the team to uncover what has happened but has the team over turned just one to many stones and are they ready for what they uncover If you love the suspense and thrill of a good thriller you will love this book I can t wait to read in this series or books by this author Snatching Dianna Feisty Lawyers Book 1By Seelie Kay5 out of 5 starsThe story Snatching Dianna Feisty Lawyers Book 1 by Seelie Kay is a book that I loved reading There is both mystery and suspense It had me wondering what was going to happen next I was turning ages to find out It is the story about a law student Dianna Murphy who fails to show to a نشانی‌ها planned event with her roommate When Law Professor Janet MacLachlan a former covert agent is alerted she begins looking for clues as to if Dianna was taken One clue sends her and others looking into a slave trafficking cartel Snatching Dianna Feisty Lawyers 1 by Seelie Kay was a fastace witty entertaining read that had me hooked from start to finish Not my first read by this author or for these MC s They appeared in Kinky Briefs Cinue and I ve been waiting to read about them These two are started to become a fav of mine and I need to go back a read from this author Not only that there s two other important characters that I need to go read about the Chief of Ask Yourself This police and his wife They re something else and I need to know their kinky story Fast moving and despite the dark and heart wrenchinglot I had fun reading this book I will say this because it is a fast uick read there isn t much overall world building and or heavy details But I didn t mind that because of the race against time Good Witch, Bad Witch plot the witty interactions solid connections and having Dianna such a strong defiant character you re not stuck on the what the surrounds looked like You re engroes into the story you re on the edge of your seat hoping that Janet and Cade can get to her in time not just her but the others as well Overall this book is worth your time and energy It has aull to it that keeps you glued to the The Tokyo Zodiac Murders pages and the suspense is thick and heartounding So Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval that you will have this book read in one sitting Happy Reading EA Walsh Snatching Dianna Feisty Lawyers Book 1 by Seelie Kay5 StarsThis is my second book by this author and I loved it even than the first that I read I love the writing style and the smooth flow of every word I think one of my favorite things about the whole book was the way she wrote the interaction between these characters the way it all just seemed natural and maybe somearts not so natural but this author made it all seem real like Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten pulling a gun on your. The hours are counting down as investigators try torove that Dianna Murphy has been snatched Unfortunately without witnesses and solid evidence all the olice really know is that she is missingWhen suburban Milwaukee law student Dianna Murphy fails to. Husband and it being like one of my favorite scenes in the whole book LOLMuch of story was about something that is real in our world today and that art wasn t something that is completely real in our world today and that art wasn t easy to read about but again it was handled beautifullyI can not wait for on this series and of the interaction with these characters I could almost The Ornament (Ornament, picture this as a series on TV and if that happened I d definitely be watching itThe only negative I have about this book is that it ended leaving me wanting so so much Loved It Snatching Dianna is the first book in Seelie Kay s Feisty Lawyers series What an opening to the series When you read about the writer and her background you tell yourself oh my I cannot wait for I know the second book is coming out in January and I tell you it feels way too long away Seelie gives us 2 very interesting couples lawrofessor Janet MacLachlan and secret agent Cade Matthews and small town Police Chief David Manders and criminal defence attorney Julianna Constant these two couples are left to figure out what is going on in the suburban Milwaukee college where blond and blue eyed girls have disappeared The story is short but intense and it hangs so well together that at no oint you think that it is too fast and the writer is jumping over things I wish it would be made into a TV series maybe once couple instalments are out it would make great TV It gives us everything danger suspense international crime steamy relationships banter I think I will have to go and read the other stories the writer has ublished as it seems that our main couple headlines uite a few of themGreat job Ms Kay and Rant please keep the Feisty Lawyers busy so that we canour another glass of wine and read away Snatching Dianna by Seelie Kay a four star read you will want to snatch This is the first novel in the Feisty Lawyers series and I for one can t wait for the next one This was a uick and fast Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM paced story that will suck you in and enthral you I only gave it four stars as there was a couple of bits that I couldn t get and I could have readages Janet MacLaclan and Kade Mathews are a great couple and they just have this charisma about them you would help them like the others do There is a dark story to this but its done well and shows Challenged to Win promise for a great series 4 StarsSnatching Diana is the first book in the Feisty Lawyers Series by Seelie Kay This is a short story which makes it a very uick and easy read There is intrigue suspense humour action adventure danger drama some romance and a bit of spiceDianna Murphy is a beautiful smart and savvy college student who s studying law When she goes missing her roommate is frantic and approaches lawrofessor Janet MacLachlan for help in tracking her down Janet is an ex secret agent and she in turn enlists the help of her husband Cade Matthews who is a covert operative and the local Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons police chief David Manders Realizing they have a lot of ground to cover and need manower they also recruit David s wife as well as several law students and the team gets to work to try and figure out what happened before Dianna disappears forever And so starts a chain of events that takes the investigators and us on uite the adventure Across continents from the United States to Morocco this story is uite a gripping tale An intense investigation leads to an international human trafficking ring and now it s not just Dianna s safety on the lineI really enjoyed this clever little suspense I love the characters having met Janet MacLachlan Cade Matthews and Anders Mark in Hanging From. Connect with her roommate there is no real evidence that she has been snatched Until Law Professor Janet MacLachlan a former covert agent discovers a single clue one that oints to a taking by a slave trafficking cartel In a race against time Janet recru.
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A Ledge which was one of the short stories in the Kinky Briefs Cinue collection I loved them then and now after this story I love them even I enjoyed their chemistry funny banter uips and antics It made them uite realistic and very endearingI think Janet and Cade s adventures would make a great Television seriesI can t wait to see what new adventures and investigations await in the future instalments of this new seriesThank you Ms Kay Snatching Dianna Feisty Lawyers 1 by Seelie Kay4 out of 5 starsSnatching Dianna is the first book in the Feisty Lawyer series written by Seelie Kay and it s the first book that I have read by this author This book isn t really my kind of reading but I enjoyed this short story This story contains intrigue suspense humor action adventure danger drama and some romanceDianna Murphy a Milwaukee law student
"Has Been Kidnapped Her Roommate "
been kidnapped Her roommate her missing but unfortunately without witnesses and solid evidence all the Into the Planet police really know is that she is missingIn steps in Law Professor Janet MacLachlan a former covert agent she discovers a single clue one thatoints to a taking by a slave trafficking cartel In a race against time Janet recruits her husband secret agent Cade Matthews small town Police Chief David Manders and his wife criminal defense attorney Julianna Constant and other law students to uncover the truthCan they Dusk (Rosales Saga, prove that Dianna was taken against her will Will she be lost forever if they can t find any clues about her disappearance The characters are great and well written thelot was good this book was easy to read I recommend this bookByTracytracym Snatching Dianna Feisty Lawyers by Seelie Kay4 Stars This is book one in the Feisty Lawyers series It is a suspenseful dramatic novella Dianna Murphy has been kidnapped and it s up to secret agents Janet MacLachlan and Cade Matthews to bring her home and take down the slave trafficking ring The book reminded me of the series Code Raven by Lynda Fuller Agents and George Washingtons Secret Six police setting up covert operations to save innocent women and make the world a betterlace The layful banter between the characters lightened the story Human trafficking is a heavy topic so this was a good addition Some of their conversations seemed to allude to there being a rior book but I think the author was trying to show that the characters had history together Being such a short book I couldn t really invest myself with any of the characters therefore there was no real connection My only issue with the story was the few sexcapades I love sex scenes in a book but these were weird and random and had nothing 375 out of 5 stars Snatching Dianna by Seelie Kay features Constitutional Law Professor Janet MacLachlan and her husband Agent Cade Matthews as they investigate the The Caretaker possible kidnapping of a student on campus and discover ties to the sex trafficking ring they have tried to dismantle Their enemies are like a hydrathe moment they shut down oneipeline another one ops up Janet and Cade are In A Race Against Time To Save Not Only Dianna a race against time to save not only Dianna others as wellThis is an exciting contemporary adult romantic suspense story that veers a bit into the superspy genre even as it tackles a horrific criminal ractice Those who are concerned with such things are advised that multiple Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens, points of view are used and those with triggers should use caution The story is the first in the Feisty Lawyers series and can be read as a stand alone story but I got the feeling that there are other books connected to this one given the interactions betwee. Its her husband secret agent Cade Matthews small town Police Chief David Manders and his wife criminal defense attorney Julianna Constant and other law students to uncover the truth Can theyrove she has been taken before Dianna disappears without a tra.