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Ual facts that Pappe was describing and the conseuent one sided idealistic anti Israel interpretation It was painful because as a Jew I couldn t help feeling ASHamed as a Jew to be just like all the other racist nationalists the world over Christian Buddhist Leftist Rightist or MuslimI followed Pappe up with Benny Morris book knowing that Morris was one of the first of the New Historians to look at the historical material Morris offers the balanced contextual background to Pappe s propaganda diatribe with a 19th century starting point instead of one which commences in 1948 Morris accepts Pappe s atrocities but he also outlines the earlier Arab atrocities he describes the self delusion corruption and moral bankruptcy of Arab leadership as well as the errors of strategy and internecine rivalries of the Arab elites and he writes his history aware of the dynamics and uncertainties that are integral to war in contrast to Pappe s simplistic interpretation of evil conseuence being a result of evil desire Following the reading of both books I have come to the conclusion that there will NOT be any peace between Israel and the Palestinians until both sides recognise the atrocities and the errors of judgement that they have committed At this stage each side only looks at the atrocities the other side has committed though I suspect that because of freedom of speech and political commercial transparency accountability there are Jews Israelis and Westerners who recognise the evils of their ways than there are Muslims Arabs and Palestinians who recognise the evils of their waysWar is evil no doubt about that War is two sided no doubt about that either The tit for tat strategy that both sides use has not produced peace in the near term and there is no reason to believe tit for tat will bring peace in the long term It is well to keep in mind that existence and honour seem to be two infinite values Jews and Israelis see this conflict following centuries of oppression and last century s attempt at liuidation in terms of existence Simultaneously Muslims and Arabs see the past century in terms of humiliation and loss of honour At this stage in our history non indigenous Westerners in general and non Aboriginal Australians in particular have little understanding of either existential threat or humiliation and so it is that when I discuss the Middle East with them I have a sense that they are cluelessReading Morris after Pappe is a good ways to become clued up I thought I knew the history of Israel s annexation of Palestine but this was a totally shocking account I can t believe Britain reneged so emphatically on its promise to allow the Palestinians independence The UN also must be ashamed of its duplicitous roleIlan Pappe is a Jewish academic who cannot be accused of anti semitism He just wants people to know what really happened Israel is guilty of war crimes aided and abetted by Britain and the UNIt is particularly important to read this now that Palestine has applied for recgnition as a state at the UN *How can this be denied when the UN allowed Israel without any impedimentI was absorbed by this *can this be denied when the UN allowed Israel without any impedimentI was absorbed by this and recommend it to all An insightful and deeply disturbing account of the events leading up to 194748 in the ArabIsraeli war Prior to reading this book I had always accepted the official Israeli viewpoint of an Israeli David fighting an Arab Goliath Israel s constant wars against Arab nations after that seemed to be a continuance of that period in historyUntil I read The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine that is I ve been a recent convert to the Palestinian cause after watching footage of Israeli tanks and gunships in action against stone throwing ouths And et I still held onto the official line although the view was somewhat jadedPappe is an Israeli and well ualified to write his new history and it is a history that will disturb He reveals that the push to drive the Arabs out of Palestine was not the accidental and unfortunate result of a war of liberation but a dedicated plan of ethnic cleansing set into stone before the end of the British Mandate That this was done a mere three ears after the world was shown the results of the Jewish Holocaust is a damning blow to the Zionist cause and a sad was shown the results of the Jewish Holocaust is a damning blow to the Zionist cause and a sad on Ben Gurion Begin Sharon and the other Israeli heroes History it seems is written by the victors and in this age of media spin it s refreshing when someone pulls back the curtain to reveal the sad and ugly truthYou will find it tough going but if one wants to understand the roots of the ArabIsraeli conflict then this book is a good starting point It s well researched and has copious endnotes maps and a chronology at the end He unashamedly takes the side of the Palestinians and makes no apology for that one can almost feel the rage as he writesWith Israel moving further and further to the right Abbas courting the UN and the incomprehensible ignorance of American politicians from both sides of the fence when it comes to the Middle East Pappe s work is a veritable sledge hammer A patriot is not someone who merely waves a flag a trained monkey can do that a patriot is one who loves their country so much they are prepared to stand up and call the powers that be to account for their lies and deceit Pappe has alienated himself from his homeland by refusing to cave in to moral cowardice And criticism of Israel has always been a touchy point after WWII but criticising Israel doesn t make us anti Semites neo Nazis or even Jew haters After all we criticise Western governments and no one bats an eyelid it s called free speechAs already mentioned it s a sad book to read but a necessary book if ou want to understand the root causes of the Middle East conflict. Eansing of the Palestinians in 1948 But why is it denied and by whom The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine offers an investigation of this myste. ,

Lunatic fringe within Judaism put forth the clearing of the indigenous people the Arabs living in Palestine as a necessity for the creation of a Jewish majority there So it has happenedZionism struggled before WW2 because not enough Jews were interested in going to Palestine but the holocaust put the movement over the top not only providing the necessary influx but also creating a feeling of guilt among the nations of the world not least Germany that was leveraged into the creation of the State of Israel and its financing and militarization since read The Holocaust Ind Must read non fiction detailing the founding ideas of Israel and the impact of Zionism as an ideology that led to the systematic removal of the Palestinian people from THE LAND THIS IS THE TYPE land This is the type book wealthy hipster kids and trustafarians like *to read to feel good about themselves The book is incredibly manipulative and tugs at the emotional strings of clueless *read to feel good about themselves The book is incredibly manipulative and tugs at the emotional strings of clueless to indoctrinate them with anti Israeli and Islamist aligned propaganda There are some truths in the book and there s no doubt Israel has had it s share of committing atrocities but this book completely glosses over all of the atrocities committed by the Palestinians on the Christian Palestinians as well as the Muslim ones too It doesn t explain how the majority of Bedouin Israelis and Druze Israelis support and often fight for Israel This is the type of propaganda used by pan Islamic nationalists in the middle of the 20th century to promote Muslim unity by developing the narrative if an evil enemy Israel and the poor helpless victims Palestinians Somehow this Islamist narrative became in vogue amongst the left wing self congratulating academics sitting the Ivory Towers of the West Now the Palestinians are professional victims who have become a mascot of the self righteous hipsters progressives and college activists The book ignores how the Arab nations never accepted the Palestinian refugees and massacred them as well in Jordan Syria and Lebanon Compare this with the Jewish nakba where 700000 Jews were expelled from Arab nations and were peacefully assimilated and welcomed into Israeli society What happened in the past was a tragedy for both sides but during this time numerous groups of people migrated and many borders were redrawn Partition of India Armenian genocide Greek expulsion from Turkey but only the Palestinians continue to play professional victims as a political tool for the anti Semitic Islamists and their left wing apologists They say the truth is a bitter pill to swallow Actually it is than that Reading this book as an extremely painful journey in a way that exceeds our worst nightmares I wasn t able to read than 20 pages per day not because of its richness with information but because my brain needed time to absorb all the atrocities PLEASE READ THIS BOOK I think it s one of our responsibilities as humans to educate ourselves about the injustice in the world so we can be part of the change in the futur again PLEASE READ THIS BOOK Stygiophilia you ll do us a favor The author s thourough and honest discourse is both immaculate and sobering Pappe proves authoritatively that the actions by a group of supposed Zionists in Israel beginning in 1947 constitute ethnic cleansing This perpetrated atrocity serves as a prototype for ethnic cleansing similar to that by the Nazis in Germany According to Pappe More than half of Palestine s native population close to 800000 had been uprooted 531 villages had been destroyed and eleven urban neighbourhoods emptied of their inhabitants p xiii The cabal the Hagana The plot plan Dalet the organized and enforced removal of Palestinians from their homelands What remained enveloped in misinformation the Palestinians story which is uite excellently illuminated by Pappe Pappe described the reality of the war which unfortunately consisted of large massacres via machine gun and rapes after the habitations of the Palestinians were forcefully taken and generally looted burned and otherwise destroyed buried and hidden by new developments The residents of these villages were barred illegally from return to their homelands In fact according to Pappe UN mediator Count Bernadotte was murdered after he proposed the unconditional return of all the refugees p 156 The right to return was granted in a UN decision that has been ignored Justice Why did I read this book I like books about controversial moral issues that raise awareness about injustice That is books like this are really milestones of conscious work because they shed light on information that is suppressed in order to oppress a people One might argue no the reason for suppression is fear and the pursuit of self interests such as safety and security And to that I say that it is important to recognize multiple perspectives A possible consideration put forth by Pappe a pluralistic civic and democratic state p 256 In sum Pappe has created veracious source for future rhetorical discussions on the issue of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine Also this book is excellent for the discovery of methods of writing about historyPS The latter discourse is in no way intended to convey bias or prejudice to or towards anyone I first read The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe one of the Israeli New Historians who looked at the archived materials from Cabinet meetings politician diaries Israel Defence Force orders etc after they were eventually released fortyears after 1948 I read Pappe following the a challenge by an politically anti Israel Jewish friend of mine who teaches in Philosophy at UNSW I found Pappe s book painful as he outlined the atrocities committed by Israel even though I was mindful of the one sided non context. Phes are concealed from the public eye And et Ilan Pappe unveils one such crime has been erased from the global public memory the ethnic cl. .
This book doesn t need a review It s a piece of living history it should be school material instead of the lies and rubbish TV churns out on a daily basis So well documented so much empathy So much respect for this man having the courage to write the truth What s ethnic cleansingAccording to the final report of a United Nations Commission of Experts who investigated Yugoslavia s violation of humanitarian laws in 1994 ethnic cleansing *Is A Purposeful Policy Designed *a purposeful policy designed one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas The report goes on to state that ways to forcibly expel unwanted group from certain geographic areas The report goes on to state that ways to forcibly expel unwanted populations by ethnic cleansing can include murder torture arbitrary arrest and detention extrajudicial executions rape and sexual assaults severe physical injury to civilians confinement of civilian population in ghetto areas forcible removal displacement and deportation of civilian population deliberate military attacks or threats of attacks on civilians and civilian areas use of civilians as human shields destruction of property robbery of personal property attacks on hospitals medical personnel and locations with the Red CrossRed Crescent emblem among othersThe UN Commission of Experts states that the above practices constitute crimes against humanity and can be assimilated to specific war crimes Further such acts could also fall within the meaning of the Genocide Convention UN Commission of ExpertsUsing numerous documents from Israeli government archives entries from David Ben Gurion s personal diary and eyewitness accounts from Palestinian victims Israeli historian Ilan Pappe makes a strong case that the Zionists using most of the methods mentioned in the report ethnically cleansed Palestine of most of its native Palestinian population in the 1948 war Zionist soldiers and members of former terrorist groups during Mandate times used violence and terror against Palestinians civilians They also murdered raped and imprisoned Palestinians and forced the survivors to walk countless miles to refugee camps in other countries Looters stole the contents of many Palestinian homes which the owners were forced to abandon Afterwards the Zionists obliterated almost all evidence that Palestinians had ever lived in Palestine for centuriesPappe maintains that the Zionists had another reason for obliterating most traces of Palestinian villages and towns to prevent their occupants and descendants from ever returning to their homes and native homeland againPappe also exploded key myths in the Zionists narrative of Israel s creation Here are just a few The Zionists were the victims of Palestinian and Arab aggression Actually the Zionists were the victimizers One thing that really frustrated David Ben Gurion and others Zionists was the Palestinians passiveness They didn t respond to the Zionists repeated provocations that would justify attacking and expelling them The Palestinians just wanted to live in their country in peace In the end the Zionists initiated the violence The Zionists were fighting a desperate war of survival Actually Israel was never in danger of being defeated by the Palestinians or by the Arab armies The Zionists had two narratives The public one was that they were fighting for survival The secret but true narrative was that there was no chance of their losing In fact while they were fighting their so called war of survival Israeli soldiers and former terrorists were also shelling Palestinian villages and towns indiscriminately killing massacring and even raping the inhabitants and forcing them out of their homes and into refugee camps in other countries Many of the villages and towns had existed for centuries Some contained both Palestinians and Jews who had been living together peacefully for centuries as friends and neighbors Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East Actually Israel is an apartheid state because of its treatment of the Palestinians who remain in Israel Israel also treats certain groups of Jews as second class citizens The Camp David negotiations in 2000 failed because Yassir Arafat refused to negotiate Actually Arafat wasn t allowed to negotiate because the US allowed Israel to set the terms for peace No right of return No Jerusalem as the Palestinians capital Arafat refused to sign the document because it violated UN Resolution 194 which recognized the Palestinians right to return to their homes By signing the document Arafat would have betrayed his peoplePeppe advocates a one state solution to the Palestinian Israeli problem Israel should become a civic democratic state in which Jews and Palestinians can live peacefully together like they used to do before the Zionists destroyed everythingPappe makes a strong case in defense of the Palestinians and his book includes copious end notes Anyone who is interested in why there seems to be no solution to the Palestinian Israeli problem should read this book because it gives a different point of view from the prevailing one Zionist views have been overwhelmingly influential in the United States The Story of Israel that I place in uotation marks to indicate its mythological nature has been presented repeatedly but most famously in the novel and movie Exodus It is the story of victims struggling to an empty land where they make the desert bloom and stand proudly with weapons in hand shouting never againThis appealing heroic justice loving scenario is a fabrication Ilan Papp an Israeli Jew has in this book presented the facts upon which true justice must be basedFrom its inception late in the 19th century mainstream Zionism considered early on as a kind of. Since the Holocaust it has been almost impossible to hide large scale crimes against humanity In our communicative world few modern catastro. ,

Summary The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine