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I decided to read Sands of the scorpion because i "Got From The Bear Grylls Showman Vs Wild The "inspired from the Bear Grylls showman vs wild The is about two boys that travel to Sierra Leone a country in africa with their uncle On their visit the two boys end up following a drug dealer The drug dealer oes on a plane and the boys follow him and stay there Once they realised they ve made a mistake they jump out the plane They then try and survive the harsh climates of the Sahara desert The character i found interesting was Beck The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, granger because he was very calm at the most nerve racking moments and eventually made his way out Something new i learnt from the book was to resist and keep onoing and that your never too small to do something The uote the two boys set off on the journey of their lives from page 111 was a significant uote because it showed the problem they were in was than a small trip but the journey of their lives This book was really exciting Beck and Peter follow 2 mysterious people in a taxi to a plane Their curiosity takes over them so they clamber in to see the cargo After taking too long the teenage boys are trapped in a diamond smugglers plane flying over the Sahara Desert to Morroco They only have enough time too ather some survival euipment and 2 parachutes before they are found Beck and Peter have no time to loose so they both jump out the plane into the dryest place on the planetUsing Beck s survival skills the boys manage to survive 3 days in the desert fighting off dehydration and heatstroke and are saved by an oasisdry lake and Anwar a French Berber who took them to his village The second day in the village Beck and Peter are threatend The second day in the village Beck and Peter are threatend a smuggler seeking revenge He is bitten by a venimous snake and confesses who he really is A day later the diamond smuggler is taken to prison and Beck is crowned the worst person to o on holiday with 25 starsThis wasn t the kind of book I normally read but it was enjoyable enough The story was okay and characters were likableThat being said I m not planning to read the rest of the series MISSION SURVIVALBEAR GRYLLSSANDS OF THE SCORPION 7 Why would you recommend this text to others 9 What did this text make you think about WhyBear Grylls Sands of the Scorpion is a real. Lost amid the desert sands When Beck Granger and his friend Peter join Beck's Uncle Al for a holiday in Africa they aren't expecting to find themselves stranded in the Sahara Desert Bu. Sands of the Scorpion Mission Survival #3

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Read with my nine year old son his selection for the star rating Having said that we like Bear Grylls his tales are fun and we both always come away from each story with something new The Good and Beautiful God geography politics what insect we can eat when we are stuck in the bush or desert or some other new survival tactic Areat little adventure story even if a little formula Beck is a familiar old friend you are revisiting so worthwhile for some feel ood vibes and hopefully one day the reluctant reader will tackle One Of These Solo Just of these solo just Beck he will survive SurvivalI don t know if bear actually wrote them or just advised but this was both entertaining and educational Enjoyable read When I read the book Bear Grylls Mission Survival Gold of the Gods I was hooked I have read the first four books and all four told
me about survival 
about survival in the wild The stories are about a boy named Beck Granger who is a survival expert who wants to find out what happened to his parents He oes in a plane with Diamond smugglers and escaped the plane with a parachute into the Sahara Desert in the book sands of the scorpion The book was so ood to read because it has reat facts like if your in the shade good to read because it has The Horse in Celtic Culture great facts like if your in the shade the desert at midday 30 centermetres underground it s 60 degrees cooler and Cobra bites may not inject venom I would recommend you to read the stories of Beck Granger I really enjoyed this book it had areat adventure story in it and a reat ending It is amazing how a boy my age could know all these survival skills and also how he helped his friend out as well At some points I was thinking are they ever etting out of this situation When they did I was so pleased for the main charactor Beck on how he Every Boys Dream got his friend Peter out of the desert and back home I would recommend this book Sands of the Scorpion Mission Survival 3 to any adventure lovers and to those who like the author Bear Grylls i thought this book was exalet it teaches you survival technices as well asiving you a thrilling adventure story to read plus it was very intresting im still reding this book and i calnt wait to finish it ive also been whatching bear rylls born survivor and i like the way he bases his books on his own expeiriencesi would reccomend this book to anyon. Ation but there are snakes scorpions and the merciless rays of the sun to overcome first This is a ripping African adventure packed with real survival details and dangers at every tur. ,
Ly adventurous book with so many worrying and exciting moments in it Two boys called Beck Granger and Peter Grey went to Africa with their Uncle Al and the last thing they expected was to fall into the Sahara desert And Have To Survive Through The Blazing have to survive through the blazing sun and the freezing cold night for many days They encountered a smuggling operation and had to drop into and the freezing cold night for many days They encountered a smuggling operation and had to drop into desert when they were caught on the planeI would recommend this book to others because once you start reading you are hooked to the end There is no end to intensity in this book as things et worse day after day in the desert for the two boys Something exciting happens so often that you can t put the book down and when you do it takes a while For You To Forget About What Will you to forget about what will next I recommend this book to boys of any age who like survival and adventure stories Other things to recommend is the survival tips used throughout this book such as eating scorpions to putting wet underpants on your head The tips are so unexpected and I know that half of them I would not dare to do yet these boys can do everything they were taught and not back out I uess that all these things did help them survive till they The Multi-Orgasmic Man got out of the desert but how many of these things would you do Read the book and find outThis text made me think mainly about how these boys would manage to survive the Sahara Desert After they hit the sand I thought will they live and I soon learnt that Beck Granger was the experienced one who knew how to survive these places So day after day they did very disgusting things that made me realise that they could survive Later on though Peter was taken out blindly by Sun Stroke and was in seriously bad condition I found myself wanting to read to the end to find out what wasonna happen Why the book made me think about this simply because its the Sahara desert biggest desert on earth known as unlikely for someone to come out alive as unprepared as the boys were full of Scorpions and almost no water many of these things came to my mind once they landed on the billions of sand specs underneath them The back cover of this book had also told me some of the severe things that could happen in the desertReview by Ben Stradwick It is an engaging book. T when they stumble upon a smuggling ring and have to bail out of a plane over the desert Beck knows their chances of survival are slim Somehow they must find their way back to civilis. ,

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