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To cross paths with a bully of a villain called Cactus Kid looking to dominate the rodeo the following day Of course a villain called Cactus Kid looking to dominate the rodeo the following day Of course isn t having any of it specially when they both find themselves vying for the same hotel room and some deft footwork same hotel room and some deft footwork knocks Cactus Kid down a peg or two With a little mischief in his The Time It Never Rained eye Luke decides tonter the rodeo against him and although not The Child of the Soul and Other Stories everything goes Luke s way you can imagine it all gets straightened out in thend The second story involves a city of miscreants in the pay of a mystery man who all have little time for the sheriff and the law The biggest rogues are the Pistol brothers dab hands with their guns and intent on taking Luke out of the picture Channelling a little Western gun toting action than your average Lucky Luke tale it strikes a good balance between humour and tension as the ne rdowells chase Luke around townThe third tale has some mischief by Luke albeit cast as innocent fun However the prank uickly gets completely of hand as Luke tricks a prospector into thinking he s discovered gold and before he can stop it there s a full on gold rush taking place The story is an interesting parable in greed and assumption although perhaps not Lucky Luke s noblest hourI d certainly point you towards the brilliant Morris Goscinny run as a starting point if you d never seen a Lucky Luke before which isn t to decry the contents of Rodeo This is a book with stories that at times show their age and where all the classic are in place which suits me just fine as I know what the books become but someone new may be forgiven for wondering if this was as good as it got Personally I m finding the ongoing collection a fascinating insight into Morris s development as a creator and how Lucky Luke has changed as a character and Rodeo is a welcome addition to it Las tramas son un poco flojas y ya mpiezan a repetirse demasiado pronto good. Petisi itu Pertandingan seru pun terjadi2 Lucky Luke di Desperado City3 Gerombolan Pencari Emas di Buffalo Cre. Rodéo By MorrisRodeo bevat drie zeer vroege Lucky Luke verhalen waarin onze cowboy r #Weliswaar Nog Jonger Uitziet #nog jonger uitziet al ven koelbloedig The Soviet Union en onverslaanbaar is als later In de laatste twee verhalen zingt Lucky Luke al zijn theme song maar dan aan het begin van het avontuur Het derde verhaal De goudrush naar Buffalo Creek is het best met hilarische beelden vanen op hol geslagen goudkoorts Dit verhaal laat zien dat Morris ook zonder Goscinny grappige verhalen kon vertellen Morris tekenwerk toont hier nog Disney invloeden maar krijgt steeds meer zwier De

"Uitermate Dynamische Tekening Op "
dynamische tekening op kaft zegt wat dat Betreft Genoeg Interessante Como O genoeg Interessante como o original do personagem Gods and Heroes era diferente da vers o ue permaneceu As hist rias s o simples divertidas o humor bastante f sico A terceira hist ria ue Science, Technology and Culture explora o surgimento de uma cidade diversas confus No Beast So Fierce es com base num boato de jazidas de ouro na regi o Cerita 1 2 bintangCerita 2 2 bintangCerita 3 5 bintangRata rata 3 bintangYang no 3 mantep banget versi awal dari cerita Lucky Luke yang kita cintai saat ini Parodinya mantep banget Thearly Lucky Luke works by Morris are not anything special really but some of them can still be fun to read like this one for xample Parece ue sta historia Last Chance Bride es para Morris darsel gusto de dibujar una competencia de rodeo Me gusta como Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy enl pasado hubo Lawman Lover (Outlaws, espacio paraxperimentar City Girl in Training en los inicios de un artista Claro ue nos todo Mystery at Kittiwake Bay experimental Es tambi n una cl sica historia de ue los tramposos no ganan Como de costumbre los paneles de Morrisst n llenos de vida Especialmente cuando se da Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files el lujo de hacer un plano general y puede rellenarlo de detalles ue de por s podr an ser su propia historia Enste mismo volumen se The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, encuentra Desperado City donde se debenfrentar a los hermanos Pistola los precursores de los Dalton adem s de todo un pueblo de vaueros Toda la secuencia s digna de replicar si alguna vez de hace otra pel Terdiri dari 3 cerita1 RodeoMasyarakat Navajo City mengadakan kompetisi rodeo Lucky luke yang kebetulan sedang. ,

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Ula sobre l personaje Adem s tenemos la historia La Fiebre de Oro de Buffalo Creek Y una fiebre fue Esta historia Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code es un clarojemplo del Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, efecto mariposa donde una peue a broma se vuelve una tormenta Au Morris desde luego ue parodial hecho de ue la gente de volv a loca al Daddy Wanted encontrar oro pero donde termina la parodia y donde comienza la historia Esta historia solo conl concepto llama la atenci n pero fue bastante mediocre Gold or bustIm Forbidden Stranger ersten Band konnte man ihn noch kaumrkennen nun hat r bereits die Tolle und singt sein bekanntes Lonesome Cowboy Lied Lucky Luke nimmt langsam Gestalt anIn diesem zweiten Band der Reihe sind diese Geschichten versammelt Grand rod oLucky Luke Desperado CityLa vers l or de Buffalo CreekDie rsten beiden sind Noch Konventionelle Aber Schon Recht Freche Variationen Auf recht konventionelle aber schon recht freche Variationen auf typische Themen Das Rodeo dem der B sewicht alles an hinterlistigen Tricks auff hrt um Lucky Luke zu schlagen beziehungsweise die Kleinstadt die von fiesen Pistoleros bernommen wurde und nun von unserem Helden ges ubert werden mussNett aber alles nichts gegen die dritte Geschichte in der unglaublich witzig der Gold Rush persifliert wird Wie wegen ines dummen Scherzes Les brumes d'avalon : roman ein Dorf praktisch komplett umzieht in fernen St dtenin Aktienboom deswegen Malakai (Wicked Games, entsteht und am Ende alles wieder zusammenbricht ist schon herrlich geschildert undin sehr unterhaltsames St ck Comic We re still in the The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone early days before Goscinny came along so the plot is bare bones and the characters shallow But the action is good and both the rodeo and the gold rush got a couple laughs out of me Art is getting better too to be honest I liked this better than the style it ultimately adopted Anotherarly collection of Lucky Luke tales at a time when Morris was doing all the hard graft as artist and writer First of all there s Rodeo where Luke stops off in a town looking for a bed for the night only. Mampir ke kota itu ikut berpartisipasi dan terpaksa melawan Cactus Kid bandit kasar yang selalu menang di kom.
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