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Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary lThe King The king was surprised by Rabbit s kind act andearns a very valuable esson on friendship and generosity This book is a WOW folklore book It is uality complex and diverse The illustrations "are thoughtful and very detailed Additionally there are words and phrases in Bambara the national anguage of "thoughtful and very detailed Additionally there are words and phrases in Bambara the national The Majors Daughter language of which makes storytelling with this text even interesting This book is intended for ages 5 10 It could be used in a social studies unit discussing stories around the world Iove how Baba Wagu Diakit the author uses real photos of items such as a gourd and places her illustrations inside of them The photos are beautiful and easy to follow for young Miss Shumway Waves a Wand listeners This text could also be used in a guided reading group or even a book club with discussions around cause and effect It couldead to several uestions concerns and very interesting conversation In today s society I think it is very important to teach children to embody the ualities that Brother Rabbit had Although he was on the search for food for his own family he still managed to help someone else and in doing that reaped some very The Touch large benefits What I dike for my students to gain from this text would be to understand that we may think that our problems are big but someone else s maybe even arger and it is our duty to treat others how someone else s maybe even arger and it is our duty to treat others how want to be treated no matter what I ook forward to using this text in my classroom very soon A story about a Rabbit who is ooking for food to feed his family One day he helps a Chameleon escape from the thorns of the bush and the gourd As a reward for Rabbit s kindness the Chameleon gives the gourd to the Rabbit The Magic Gourd is able to feed Rabbit and his family Rabbit invites his friends and neighbors so they will not have to suffer A greedy king soon hears about this gourd and takes it away from Rabbit and his family A great story about friendship oyalty and not being selfish The book reminds me of Why Mosuitos Buzz in People s Ears First I have to mention about this book is its beginning It starts with the picture of traditional carpets After that it has title pages which is uniue in picture books The illustration ooks Textbook of Wisdom like an Egyptian wall so it creates an atmosphere of the ancient story A great book amazing pictures and also Iovw the different culture This vibrant children s book features Rabbit that ong earred trickster so common in many African tales Having come into possession of the titular item Rabbit both prospers and suffers from it as is usual in such tales But this time he gets the upper hand with the help of another animalThe pages pop with color

the writing on hued backgrounds the illustrations many framed with traditional Mali patterns The bright colors are vivid contrasts to the black and white print patterns each accentuating the otherThe story is one of how greed and might are brought ow by generosity and friendship with a ittle assist from Rabbit s chicanery of course But the final moral about the power of giving is one that children will take away with them Even Rabbit would approve of that The first thing that stood out to me were the illustrations I oved how bright everything was how different all of the designs were I would for sure read this to my students especially because this book keeps you on your toes because you don t know what will happen next What a great story with a beautiful message. Recovers his gourd but still The City in Mind leaves plenty for the King Surprised by Rabbit's kind act the king begins toearn the importance of generosity and friendship Exciting illustrations in bright ceramic plates bowls and sculpture practically dance off of the pages. .
A Tale of Two Revolts
The Magic Gourd

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Set in Mali West Africa and reminiscent of similar stories that mention A Magic Tablecloth And magic tablecloth and magic stick Diakite s tale is infused with a kindness often missing from the European versions Initially the reader may think of Brer Rabbit from the famed Uncle Remus Brer Rabbit s flashy sassiness is missing however in this tale of kindness shared The rescued Chameleon rewards Rabbit generously Rabbit in his turn shares the abundance from the magic gourd with his hungry friends and neighbors The greedy king who takes the magic gourd is outwitted by Chameleon and Rabbit s cleverness with a magic rock Surprisingly Rabbit s bargain for the return of the gourd Revenge (The Red Ledger leaves the kingittle reason for revenge And the egendary friendship and generosity of the famed Mali people are demonstrated and kept alive in the telling of this oral history a sample of their community spirit Everyone in the book gets to utilize the magic gourd and it brings everyone together It goes to show how something so simple could mean so much to a community and culture This book touched upon a culture and really opened my eyes I would use this book in my classroom to make It Aware That It aware that it exists The Magic GourdAuthor Baba Wague DiakiteGenre LegendThemes Thankfulness Generosity Forgiving Opening inesentence It began when the sun refused to allow the clouds to gather and there was no rainBrief Book Summary A kindcaring rabbit is giving a magical gourd after a deed of kindness This magic gourd is shared with his family friends but is soon stolen by a greedy king The rabbit is blessed with another magical gift after another kind deed and is able to use this to get back the gourd from the king The story ends with both the king and the animals reflecting on the good aspects of their The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity livesProfessional RecommendationReview 1 Patricia S Kuntz Africa Access Review In Mali gourds are very common receptacle However according to Baba Wague Diakite in The Magic GourdChameleon gives Rabbit not merely a gourd as payment for rescuing him from a thorn bush but a magic gourd News of this gift cannot be keptong The greedy Mansa Jugu has his soldiers steal the gourd from Rabbit Soon Rabbit returns to a ife of poverty Seeing Rabbit s pathetic situation Chameleon gives him a magic rock which will enable to regain the magic gourd Upon securing his gourd Rabbit refuses the king s riches as a token of respect Diakite retells this didactic Bamana tale the importance of generosity and friendship The illustrations are dazzling On each page Diakite creates a new image in the form of a gourd The mud cloth patterns characteristic of Mali become the border designs The backing of the text and gourd illustrations are different colors which give the illusion of the rainbow THE MAGIC GOURD closes with explanations Diakite translates the song of praise and clarifies its significance He also describes his childhood in rural Mali He enumerates the different Bamana patterns Since he incorporated Bamana words he provides a glossary Finally he inks this folktale with others traditions This book is rich with iterary artistic and cultural information Diakite creates than an illustrated folktale He has facilitated the reader s understanding of Bamanla culture The only acking feature is a map to ocate Kassaro and Mali Copyright by Africa Access all rights reserved Africa Access permits the redistribution and repr. Coretta Scott King Honor authorartist Baba Wagué Diakité tells a tale from Mali about a magic gourd that can fill itself with whatever its owner desires And hidden within is a powerful esson about generosityDrought and famine have come to the parched fore. Inting of this work for nonprofit educational purposes with full and accurate attribution to the author web Divine Beauty location date of publication originatingist and Africa Access Review For any other proposed use contact AfricaAccessaolcom Anansi Collection Rating HR Highly Recommended 2003 Scholastic 32 pp 1695 Ages 4 to 8 PUBLISHER Scholastic Press New York PUBLISHED 2003 Professional RecommendationReview 2 John Peters Booklist Feb 15 2003 Vol 99 No 12 With characteristic energy and spirit Diakite retells a tale from his native Mali and illustrates it with painted boldly patterned art created from ceramics Searching for food for his famine stricken family Brother Rabbit illustrates it with painted boldly patterned art created from ceramics Searching for food for his famine stricken family Brother Rabbit to free a chameleon from a thorn bush and in return receives a magic bowl that fills with anything upon reuest After a greedy king seizes the bowl Chameleon gives Rabbit another gift a rock that wreaks havoc on anyone who does not speak to it with respect Rabbit uses the rock to regain his prize and by choosing to Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone leave the royal treasure behind is able to reform the king Bordering each ceramic design is a different mud cloth textile pattern the meaning of which the artist explains in aengthy postscript Diakite closes with a discussion of the story s themes and antecedents an introduction to praise songs and a glossary of the Bambara exclamations and expressions that Punctuate The Story Despite the story Despite pounding rock this is ess violent than many European variants of the tale it actually focuses on kindness than on trickery Category Books for the Young Nonfiction 2003 Scholastic 1695 Gr 2 4 younger for reading aloud PUBLISHER Scholastic Press New York PUBLISHED 2003 Response to Two Professional Reviews I think that the reviews perfectly describe this story It is a african tale focused on the idea of kindness The author also provides many supplementary texts to go with the original I think it is a fantastic cultural taleEvaluation of Literary Elements The story s theme of generosity holds true through a fantastic cultural taleEvaluation of Literary Elements The story s theme of generosity holds true through cultures and is captured well within this book The book contains several symbolsimages that find their roots in african culture These symbols and images are supported at the end of the book where the author adds a song glossary and personal author s noteConsideration of Instructional Application I believe this book would work well as a great introduction to a creative writing unit After reading this book the class can analyze pick it apart to discover the different themes and ideas contained within Students can then take the idea of an overarching theme from this mini esson and apply it to their own writing The Magic Gourd an award winning story is a West African folk tale that takes place in Mali Africa The story begins with Brother Rabbit a kindhearted man on a search for food to feed his starving family While on his journey he runs into a chameleon that is stuck in a thorn bush Brother Rabbit saves the chameleon and in return chameleon rewards Brother Rabbit with a magic gourd that fills up with anything that is reuested Brother Rabbit brings the magic gourd home and not only feeds his family but spreads the word to his friends and family as well Eventually a wealthy king and his soldiers get word of the magic gourd and end up breaking into Brother Rabbits home and steals the magic gourd Brother Rabbit recovers his gourd with the help of the chameleon but still Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, leaves plenty for. St And when a hungry Rabbit rescues Brother Chameleon from a thorny bush Chameleon repays him tenfold with a magical gourd that always stays filled with food and water But soon a greedy king steals the gourd to make gold and food for himself Cleverly Rabbit.