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Heist by Kiki Swinson

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Both stories were really good
kiki did a 
did a job I m from The 7 Cities So 7 cities so felt like I was there I thought the 2nd story was super cute it was my 1st ready by this author I enjoyed reading the first story in this book by Kiki Swinson The Ultimate Heist It kept my attention and I was eager to see O Cérebro de Broca how it all played out She definitely put lots of twists in there to keep you guessing or not guessing asow it was to play out I didn t even see what was coming to the chick Shannon as she thought she ad "It All Mapped Out And Was About To Be On "all mapped out and was about to be on street as well It was a little difficult for me to root for er since all the ill things spoken about Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales herusband was only mentioned briefly towards the end so I didn t get that connection where she A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, had a right to do what she did I got a feeling as if there would be a continuation to this story guess I gotta look out for thatThe second story Robbin Banks by De Nesha Diamondad a nice plot and sounded interesting but I just didn t get drawn in as I did with the first It also ROMANTIC TAKEOVER had some unexpected twists but I didn t find myself on the edge of my seat wanting to know whatappened next can t exactly put my finger on why Maybe I was expecting coming after Ms Swinson s story maybe I would ave enjoyed it ad. Bestsellers Kiki Swinson and De'nesha Diamond team up team up for two tales about Keeper of the Light high society low crime and the powerful independent women who make ruthless use of bothThe Ultimate Heist by Kiki SwinsonAccustomed to a life of luxury Shannon Marshall is devastated to lose everything afterer usband Todd is sent to prison for gun running So when Todd.

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It been the first story in The Book Instead Who Knows book instead Who knows I may revisit it with less distractions and see if my mind changes as I am listening to it on audio KiKi Swinson part1was good mind changes as I am listening to it on audio KiKi Swinson part1was good I was like wth I was still left with somes and to me this is not like KiKi Part2was a OMG it should ave been a whole book I love that part she is a great story teller I won this book in a First Reads giveaway This looks like it will be a great book to read Will read it soon Thanks THE ULTIMATE HEIST KIKI SWINSON 3 STARS Really after you The Homing have read a few Urban FictionStreet Lit books you could see the plot twist coming Only one twist surpised me but it wasn t enough to push up the rating of the book There is betrayal from everyone involved except maybe Todd bute puts is wife in a sticky situation Really there is not much to say This part is about 100 pages and it took me to long to read it because I kept getting bored and putting it down If this was an attention
grabber for me 
for me could ave finish this in one sitting If you Why Are You So Scared? haven t read a lot of Street Lit books it may be appealing ROBYN BANKS DE NESHA DIAMOND 3 STARSThis story w Received through Goodreads Giveaway Never judge a book by a cover or as this book shows a person by their past Two snappyeroine. Plans the ultimate stickup from behind bars Shannon's ready to put The Power of One her neck on the line But she'llave to pull off the The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, hustle of a lifetime and play one dangerous gangster who always gets whate wantsRobyn Banks by De'nesha DiamondDEA Agent Jordan Hayes He Who Dares has vowed to never walk iner ex con father's footsteps Suspecting er father is planning anoth. S step into the roles that are so often watered down by suspense novelists except these two are believably real complex and full of attitude that makes for a satisfying read I could totally see this as a TV show I liked the whole two stories in one thing It was really good Shannon is a bitch for what she did even though er Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar husband was cheating I don t think she shouldave messed with someone who because though t herusband was cheating I don t think she should ave messed with someone who supposed to be is best friend Because in the end the best friend played you too Robyn Banks was a good story too I just don t get why she would want to follow in Stand Up and Fight her fathers footsteps knowing that she could get caught which she did And on top of that she was supposed to be working for the DEA a federal law enforcement But overall they were good stories must reads It was ok i really enjoyed this book part 1 was really good and pretty messed upow it ended but when you do somebody wrong it comes back on you now part too shocked me as well i would ave never known what robyn and keston were into illegeal things w WOW I finished this in one sitting I didnt start until this morning The second story was really really good the twist and turns of this story didnt c coming Who u thought someone was r twist and turns of this story didnt c coming Who u thought someone was r was unexpected Kudos for both aauthors. Er robbery she begins keeping close tabs on im and Now Is the Hour his crony sexy gangster Keston Bishop Jordan soon becomes addicted to the danger that radiates from Keston like street candy as she takes part in a daring theft that could coster everythingKiki captures the eat of the streets Wahida ClarkDiamond tells it like it is Publishers Weekly on Heartbreake. ,