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Not very goodauthor was all over the place with various *Story Lines Which Seemed Really Unrealistic This Book Started Off *lines which seemed really unrealistic This book started off with a interesting premise twin sisters separated at birth seemingly because one is hearing and the other is Deaf As 20 somethings they learn of each other s existence and the story is off and running and then it s meandering and then it s wandering aimlessly for a whileIt felt like this author wanted to do too many things and ust couldn t keep it together She wanted a mystery story she wanted to share Deaf culture she wanted to write a uasi romance strong female character chick lit story There were too many times when we lost the storyline and the character development because there was a pages long rant about face theft or a totally out of place sex fantasy I don t know about you but when I am grieving the loss of my infant twin sister and imagining that I am holding her little body and sobbing I don t then immediately Home Remedies jump to thinking about the attractive artist stranger Iust met and the detailed scene that could happen That s Defender for Hire (Heroes for Hire, just one instance of the incongruity there were I think if it were not for the interesting angle that one sister is Deaf I couldn t have even finished this one The conclusion was underdevelopedust like the main characters so this turned out to be a disappointing one What do you do when you discover your whole life was a lie Mary Carter has placed the reader right at the heart of an intense cleverly crafted moving and emotional storyline replete with plenty of twists and turnsShe has created believable well developed inspiring characters who absorb you into their lives with their complex personal challenges that made me smile and feel a little sad both at the same timeI asked myself how I would feel and react if I found out that my life as I believed it to be was nothing but a lie There are not only parents out there but a sister a twin sister a twin sister who isn t deaf a twin sister who isn t deaf and who wasn t abandoned by their parents How would I react if life came crashing in on me without any warning causing chaos and bedlam in what until then is a difficult often challenging yet satisfyingly independent lifeLacey s reactions often appeared uite extreme and off the wall but in retrospect were completely understandable and genuinely spontaneous Initial disbelief excitement and Spots Fun with Friends joy uickly turns to scepticism shock and hurt as the reality of the situation sinks inHer first thoughts and hopes of getting to know Monica and building a relationship with her are uickly dashed when feelings ofealousy self pity and loathing leave her feeling vulnerable and insecureLacey finds herself unable to share either the material things in her life or her mixed and umbled emotions and feelings "with a sister whom she feels has taken her share of their parents love and attention The " a sister whom she feels has taken her share of their parents love and attention The to retaliate and seek retribution for what she sees as the lost years of a family life becomes overwhelming and she demands that Monica makes the supreme sacrifice as some form of appeasement and catharsisMary s words paint a vivid image which is almost the complete antithesis of what I was expecting Lacey comes across as the charismatic and fiercely independent one of the sisters whilst Monica is the clingy and reliant twin never uite sure enough of herself to take that leap of faith into the unknown It really made me wonder ust which one of the girls had been left most damaged by past eventsThe true facts of the situation surrounding Lacey s childhood the total destructiveness of long buried family secrets and the girls ultimate separation pile in one after the other until they are both forced to face up to the unpalatable truth when they must decide whether they are able to rise to the challenge of rebuilding their lives or stay forever bitter angry and estrangedThe whole story is emotionally charged with several difficult and challenging issues being put forward for debate and the attention to detail is there in all the right places I felt myself becoming completely immersed in the girls lives and wondering whether I felt sorry for or angry with the extended list of characters who seem to bring such influence to bear on what is already a difficult complex and stressful situationThe fact that the author is a ualified and certified sign language interpreter means that she is eminently able to offer the reader an intimate insight into the Deaf community This she achieves with a skill that does not labour the point but which gets the message out there through the character of Lacey that Deaf people are proud to be that way and do not reuire pity ust the chance to live. A proudly deaf artist in Philadelphia Lacey Gears is in a relationship with a wonderful man and rarely thinks about her childhood in a home for disabled orphans That is until Lacey receives a letter that begins 'You have a sister ,

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My Sisters VoiceOrd structureorder but there were really only a few *parts where this was the case I felt like Lacey s behaviors in most of the book but especially *where this was the case I felt like Lacey s behaviors in most of the book but especially beginning were sort of erratic and strange Lacey s reactions to finding out she may have a twin were ust as with many other moments in the book contrived and unrealistic at least I had a difficult time believing that the characters would react the way to some situations as they did in the book For instance after seeing a picture for an upcoming book
by her long lost twin rants for pages about how she has a face thief and decides to get back at this person with a vengeance She acts extremely immaturely than I could realistically see an adult female in this situation act On another note there were parts where the same issue was discussedexploredranted over for too long I noticed this in the beginning of the book but I felt like a couple paragraphs could have been removed for some of the topics Additionally when the characters were thinking to themselves they would have somewhat frantic thoughts and repeat the same thing over to themselves over over over over over over It was frustrating and weird weird weird weird frustrating weird After a while I thought okay I got it I didn t need the character to go on I also felt that the dialogue was stilted in many partsI didn t care for these things but the thing I mainly disliked was the characters I despised Lacey s character for the first 34 s of the book because she was for one not at all a nice character and for two she ust seemed very immature Monica s character was okay at first but then her behavior became strange as well In the end there were also some uestions I felt were unanswered completely The reason for the girls separation was definitely not simple as the back of the book reads but I had a fairly adverse reaction to that part It was again strange and really only answered some of the uestions I hadWhile I unfortunately didn t care for this book I do want to point out one thing I thought was good Except for the fact that it at times felt as though there was an agenda My Sister s Voice did do a good ob of revealing the internal world of Deaf culture to the reader I found it very interesting that most Deaf refer to the A in the back to find out why it s capitalized people consider themselves part of a different culture a culture that shares a language and a history I had never thought of it that way Another interesting piece of information which my co worker and I learned the hard way but that s a story for another time is that Deaf people do NOT like to be referred to as hearing impaired because there s nothing to fix They do not feel as though they are missing anything they are Neimhaim (Neimhaim, just different And all this time I m sure most of us were so caught up with being pc or politically correct that I guess no one thought to ask those who are deaf what they prefer So in this sense I did learn a lot from reading this book If you do read this I want to talk to you about a statement that s made in the end of the book because it sort of bothered me it s related to Deaf cultureIn summary finally right this book had so many elements that could have potentially made this really good but Iust didn t care for the execution of it all a very interesting book well written and an insight into some of the issues important to Deaf people I wanted very much to like this book It had the potential to be a very moving story about family and personal identity However it read like an early draft than a polished final product While I learned a lot of interesting facts about Deaf Culture I feel Carter did this too often through exposition instead of letting the reader learn from the actions and dialogue of the characters The flow of the story was constantly interrupted while the author took the time to explain why or how the characters communicated in the ways that they did These explanations were usually unnecessary as the why and how could have been efficiently explained through the context of the story This in itself was not enough to ruin the book for me however What really disappointed me was the ending The confrontation we spend the whole book waiting for is very anti climactic and the last chapter is so chocked full of unrealistic happily ever after type of events announcements and epiphanies that it took an otherwise decent read and made it feel very amateur Endings are hard to do I get that But this felt like someone pulled a practical oke by removing the real last chapter and replacing it with this Disney fied version For such a messy story this ending was too neat and tidy and realized a little to easil. Mple And for every one of Lacey's uestions that's answered others are raised baffling and profound My Sister's Voice is a beautifully written novel about sisterhood love and the stories we cling to until real life comes crashing in. As euals in a hearing communityI really came at this book with no preconceived ideas about the storyline but having read several reviews about it and come away with some very mixed messages mostly from readers worried about the content and uality of the endingYes there may have been room for some slight improvement in the length and interpretation of the final few scenes in comparison to the in depth analysis of the earlier conversations and confrontations although "to be honest mary could have gone on "be honest Mary could have gone on ever only to end up by intoducing another whole new set of uestions which needed explanations and answers I had already vaguely worked out the final twist in the plot so was uite happy with the wrap up pages feeling that the uality and dedication in the writing did not diminish to any great degreeOverall My Sister s Voice was an insightful moving story which I would not hesitate to recommendThe full review post with additional features can be read here httpwwwfiction booksbizreviews I have really enjoyed this novel It made me laugh a couple times and it also made me sad at others I love the heroine Lacey She s deaf rides a motorcycle has a puggle and a major attitude She s very likable When trying to read people s lips she would sometimes run down a multiple choice in her head like this He either called her a a cyclone b a silo or c a psycho I LOVED this feature cause really that is what it is like reading people s lips It s half a guessing game The author also really understands what it s like to be Deaf I was amazed at this spot on wonderful uote from Lacey It was draining to constantly be looked at as deficient handicapped in need of fixing Other people s opinions that was the handicap she faced not her hearing lossAnyway Lacey grew up in a home for orphans so when she discovers she may have a twin running around out there she is really surprised When she finds out that her twin is hearing and raised by their parents she is shocked and hurt Was she ust thrown away like garbage If so whySo a bunch of stuff happens and she meets her twin sister Monica and the truth is slowly revealed BUT Lacey has gained a lot than a sister she has gained a stalker Monica is not satisfied being Lacey s sister and friend she wants to BE Lacey There are some psychological issues hereThe ending had a lot of surprises that I didn t see coming I thought it was too pit pat considering the seriousness of the situation and the lies that were told but I enjoyed the book enough not to take away a star LOVED LOVED LOVED the part when Lacey goes to church to be healed Laughed my butt off Highly recommend this one This book started out strong I liked the characters I was fascinated by the glimpse into the deaf world But then the story Carrying the Greeks Heir just got strained and down right weird Many of the interesting mysteries in the story were explained away with unsatisfactory and unbelievable answers I m disappointed because I like Carter s writing style and the title of the book is brilliant I keep wishing that this was the rough draft and Carter could re write the ending This book has the most preposterous story line ever I can t believe I wasted my time reading this book When the big climax comes it last all of about 5 pages with the most ridiculous explanation Save your self the time and energy and read something else A good premise with an astonishingly bad follow through I m usually able to suspend disbelief for a good story but this tortured tale wasust ridiculous Taken from my blog at wwwtakemeawayreadingcom Also posted at wwwluxuryreadingcomMy Sister s Voice tells the story of *Twin Sisters Lacey And Monica Separated Early In Childhood And *sisters Lacey and Monica separated early in childhood and as though the other doesn t exist Lacey grows up in a children s home with a strict house mother while Monica grows up with her parents and has a wealthy lifestyle Lacey is also deaf and Monica is hearing The book starts when they are 28 years old and Lacey receives an anonymous letter in the mail telling her she has a sister She initially assumes one of her friends is playing a Amish Sweethearts joke on her until she sees a picture of her sister The rest of the story deals with Lacey deciding if she wants to meet her sister andor her parents why they were separated and who wrote her the notes The book also delves thoroughly into the deaf culture through Lacey s experiencesThe writing style in My Sister s Voice was different and difficult to get used to In some parts the narration was normal enough but in other parts itust didn t flow right At one point I gave it the benefit of the doubt because I realized that the narration was literally translated from American Sign Language that does not use the same Twin to be exact' Learning that her identical hearing twin Monica experienced the normal childhood she was denied resurrects all of Lacey's grief and she angrily sets out to find Monica and her parents But the truth is far from si. ,