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Fires in the Mirror

Anna Deavere Smith µ 5 Summary

This lay made me fall in love with Anna Deavere Smith Fires in the Mirror focuses on the real life 1991 racially charged riots in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Fires in the Mirror focuses on the real life 1991 racially charged riots in the Crown Heights neighborhood of New York The lay explores the ain of The Full Experience prejudice in Jewish and Black American cultures in the format of several monologues given from variederspective of members of the community Not shying away from the intense reality Deavere asks an important uestions regarding historic slavery You Dont Have to Say You Love Me prejudice and genocide One of the mostowerful one woman shows I have ever read and one that I would insist anyone who has uestions about the everyday fear of being a minority should read as well The author depicts hate crimes committed by African Americans against Jews as a situation where misunderstandings and cultural differences are the cause I ve never heard someone of African American decent refer to hate crimes against black folks in a similar manner have you Why doesn t she write books that document hate crimes against African Americans in a similar manner She also neglects to mention that Black on Jewish violent crime was rampant before this I enjoyed reading this book because it was talking about an actual event that had occurred in the Voodoo Season past in this city What i liked most about it was that since it was a monologue it had the opinions of so manyeople that you really start to understand the issue and how it affected everyone one uote that i thought was very strong from the book was Those in the margins are always trying to get to the center and those at the center freuently in the name of tradition are trying to keep the margins at a distance This uote is describing how different races are competing to be the best one is always The Walking Dead Live! pushing the other one away in the Case of Fires in the Mirror the Jews and the African American It s almost like these two groups are impossible to get along with In the time that i was reading this it got me into a lot of thinking because the themes that come up in this book really make you wonder about the society in which we live in and theromblems that we face that we don t necessary always bring up Although this was definitely meant to be staged as opposed to read it s still worth discovering as a reader since subtleties of character are explored and in some cases explained or defended in relation to the writer s choices as based on the real Scotty Scotts Guide to Relationships people who are characters are based off of It does start off slowly Since the beginning of the book examine the context of thelay and the deaths that set off the Crown Hill riots in the early 90s the reader is invested in those events The beginning of the lay itself though after setting out the deaths takes a step back to discover Jewish and African American life in the area before moving forward to what the reader was expecting The choice makes sense in terms of ower and in terms of the writer s goal but it does make for something of a slow down and I have to admit that I also felt the last ieces of the lay were short in comparison That said I have a feeling the introductions have something to do with that they built up Smith s Written in Red Ink project and thelay in such a way that I was expecting a lot whereas I might have been impressed with the Crash Landing (Bear Creek, play itself had I not read those introductions They are worthwhile and there s nothing to really be given away a might happen with another work s introduction but it s worth noting for readers who are heading into this Of course whether or not thelay would be so Piper powerful without some of that extra understanding well it s a catch 22 I supposeNevertheless I m glad to have found my way to thelay and I d certainly recommend it to readers who are interested in the eventsrelations at the. 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Heart of it or interested in documentary type and interview based erformance ieces The author depicts hate crimes committed by African Americans against Jews as a situation where misunderstandings and cultural differences are the cause I ve never heard someone of African American decent refer to hate crimes against black folks in a similar manner have you Why doesn t she write books that document hate crimes against African Americans in a similar manner She also neglects to mention that Black on Jewish violent crime was rampant before this incident but not visa versa The elephant in the room is that this kind of thugy behavior by black folks is the same way the KKK treated them although the KKK had better excuses then a car accident The car accident was the excuse the racist lynch mob used and all lynch mobs have their excuses Black folks sure don t get enraged when they are the erpetrators of violent crime against the elderly yet they go Bonkers When A Jewish Guy Commits A Car Accident Just when a Jewish guy commits a car accident Just bunch of opportunists No different than the KKK although the KKK didn t loot so I guess even they had integrity It shows the blind spots we have when it comes to race that no one is a little suspicious about a black woman shaping a hate crime her eople committed in a way that sees all sides as eually credible Think about this if the roles were reverse do you think she would ortray it in a way that made a car accident and a violent lynching are eually tragic The author and her fans seem oblivious to the fact that all lynch mobs have their excuses yet I don t see books about exploring the lynch mob and their supporters side when the victims are black do you Fires in the Mirror by Anna Deavere Smith uses monologues to retell the Crown Height Riots Anna Deavere Smith interviews various The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances people who are directly and indirectly involved in the Crown Height neighborhood Smith tries to reveal both Black and Jewish view of the event and the truth of the Crown Height incident that happened where a little Black boy was killed by a car and a Jewish man was stabbed and died Anna Deavere Smith has a lot of opposing side of the event where a Blackerson has a totally different erspective of the death of the even than a Jewish erson She also expresses that the cause of the whole incident is because both Black and Jewish Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, people are not trying to understand each other even thought they are living in the same communityI like how Anna Deavere Smithortrays the Crown Height incident because as the author she did not take To Protect His Mate (Wolfe Brothers, position on what sheersonally think is true but uses monologues of different Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet people who are involved toortray the whole incident with as little bias as Boom possible even though there is bias within what everybody has to say However it is the readers decision of what to believe you can go into some really so called undeveloped nation and i don t care how low thaterson s humanity is whether they never had running water if they d never seen a television or anything they are in better condition than the black man and woman in america today actual rating 455 ms anna "Deavere Smith At It Again " smith at it again enjoyed the lay and was happy i finally got around to reading it after having it for years even though i didn t know a lot about the crown heights riots it was still really interesting to learn about it and how this event impacted so many eople and also hearing stories from Good Morning, Buddha people who were actually there was fascinating and my girls ntozake shange and angela davis made appearances honestly verbatim theatre really does hit different and anna is sooo talented likelease support her work I did not find this book interesting because the monologues are too one sided. 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