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MFK Fisher is just so great I m humbled by the rightness of her writing and it sounds utterly corny to say that this is a book about The Insider loveife and dignity There is so much here I read the Roman and Edwardian shopping Football Dynamo lists of Serve it Forth to Jeff on ourast road trip and we Payback (The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor, laughedike crazy followed by her tips on how to keep your cat and dog fed when the chips are down The uiet powerful protest of the center book How to Cook a Wolf *was so touching to me how to remain human in the face *so touching to me how to remain human in the face an increasingly inhuman world I m just finishing The Gastronomical Me and it s both heartbreaking and fierce a hard Band of Soldiers look at what we do forove that travels from her days as an innocent newlywed in Dijon to the impending war and exile from her beautiful Swiss home Just marvelous I so wish this fabulous dame was a friend of mine she is the most bright audacious self aware funny dinner guest one could hope to have Finished Serve It Forth and putting aside for now Fisher s writing is best when she s personal and even the tactile sualor of a kitchen is sexy in her hands Favorite passageThere are only three things I need to make my kitchen a pleasant one as The Jewels of Manhattan long as it is clean First I need space enough to get a good simple meal for six people More of either would be wasteful as well as dangerously dullThen I need a window or two for clear air and a sight of things growing Most of all I need to beet alone I need peaceFrom there from there on the sill of my wide window the plan is yours MFK Fisher is always such a pleasure Her writing is frank surprising and full of Nation as Mother life I had read The Gastronomical Me before but got a kick out of Serve It Forth and the Alphabet for Gourmets Can t even imagine what it would have beenike to attend one of her dinner parties even if you re not a foodie this is a really wonderfull book no one writes about food The Tryst Betrayed like MFK Fisher and no one writes about food better than MFK Fisher it brings tears to my eyes i mean fuck Anthony Bourdin and Kitchen Confidential even though i enjoyed it because MFK was writing about offal and wolvesong before Anthony Bourdin decided to start wearing Dead Boys tee shirts and taping television shows where he tries absinthe This book is comprised of essays argely un connected to each other This allows the book to spend a year on a table near where you often sit so that every week or so you

can pick it 
pick it and follow Ms Fisher to France or California or out to sea Ostensibly she writes about food But she does so in such a way that you earn what she s been Amrita Sher-Gil learning by sharing in her series of insights into herself and relationships then humanity atarge Also this book will ight a fire under your relationship with your kitchen I didn t even know that my. This book is the essence of MFK Fisher whose wit and fulsome opinions on food and those who produce it comment upon it and consume it are as apt today.

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The Art of EatingF righteous She s just a reasonable solitary person with City Improbable lots of great friends EB White Clifton Fadiman who s got a good perspective onife And fortunately The Big Bookshelf life reuires food I found this book to be 90% insufferable 10% wonderful and unlike anything else I ve ever read This book is kind of old so aot of the insufferable ness is just how old fashioned the writing style is But a No Future for You lot of the author s attitudes were also pretty obnoxious her description of nuoc mam was downright racist While I m sure her palette is a million times sophisticated than mine there are some things that she doesn t appreciate which are perfectly delicious This book is a compilation of several books that were originally published separately I recommend just reading How to Cook a Wolf After finishing the book I have to say that the reason for the middling rating isit s me MFK not youWhile nearing the end of Z is for it hit meike a ton of bricks I finally understood that I am not the intended reader I am not a foodie I eat to SOS Schlank ohne Sport - live notive to eat Sure I enjoy food but not to the extent that I need to to get this book I don t have the interestpassion Why didn t it occur to me earlier If I was obsessed this may have been a bible for me but I m notBelow is my If I was obsessed this may have been a bible for me but I m notBelow is my notesreviews of the books as I finished themview spoilerServe it Forth What a pompous ass I Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, ll trudge on through the next book but I have better things to do with my time We shall seeUpdate I did enjoy her bit about the dried tangerine and the chapter On Dining Alone but still have trouble with her snarky comments Even when she seems to be trying to be nice there is often something negative in there Is this what people mean when they say she s witty Plus I wouldike to see her research citedConsider the Oyster Although I did skim through some the recipes not the cracker one though I have been meaning to make crackers and perhaps this winter I will I enjoyed her writing and her personality much better in this oneHow to Cook a Wolf When you re broke how do you eat well I understand needing a Making India Work little extra something when one is struggling but she seemed to want folks to drink wine with nearly every meal Was wine really cheap back then Some of the recipes were delightfulThe Gastronomical *MeI m not sure I can get through this Some of theseittle chapters are uaint some *m not sure I can get through this Some of these Everwar (Cal Leandros, little chapters are uaint some just awfulOkay done Some parts were uiteovely But the hopping around was jarring I had to read elsewhere about her ife at that time which gave me a ittle insight and sympathy That said she sure used the word thin and the No Way Home line and such aot And again she sure did drink a bunchAn Alphabet for Gourmetsuite enjoyed this part esp Z But did she really give her 5 year old daughter whiskey hide spoiler. Am really writing about Sequins and Spurs love and the hunger for it and warmth and theove of it and then the warmth and richness and fine reality of hunger satisfie.
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Concern for a frying pan or my interest in peeling an orange had frozen This book melted the ice away Listen to this and tell me you don t want to read these essays People ask me Why do you write about food adn eating and drinking The easiest answer is to say that ike most other humans *I AM HUNGRY BUT THERE IS THAN THAT IT *am hungry But there is than that It to me that our three basic needs for food and security and In The Name of God love are so mixed and mingled and entwined that we cannot straightly think of one without the other This is my all time favorite book I cannotive without it I keep a copy at my bedside and take another copy travelling with me I reread it constantly and reference it in conversationIt is about ife and food How does that not relate to every single person in the worldI first read this collection after returning from iving several months in Borneo where I finally built up the motivation to change my career path and continue my schooling overseas in England Back home I found the book on my mother s bookshelves and set about reading it and it only furthered my determination to do what I needed to do abroadFive years Operation Lipstick later having travelled to Morocco Spain South Africa Australia New Zealand back to Borneo all in the name of my studies and with my degree in hand I kept this book with me It educated me in recognizing the soul of food I ve read a few other MFK Fisher books but none have been as usual as the art of eatingWhenever I see used copies I snap them up and give away to friends If this book weren t a thousand pages thick and conseuently aittle unwieldy on the pillow it would be hands down my favorite ever bedtime reading book It s From Blah to Awe like curling up with your best friend if your best friend were a snarky sanguine misanthropic but entirely passionate middle aged foodie Food writing has been seriously in vogue since Michael Pollan but with the recent influx of it that s surfaced around Nora Ephron s impossibly self satisfied new movie you can t even open a magazine without stumbling across some article written by any of several dozen rich thin Manhattanites Artisan ice cream absinthe cocktails organic farm raised free range miniburgersocavores herbivores organivores SNORE i vore They may be writing about food but they re also writing about style culture aesthetics and whether they know it or not economics They re not really writing about eating MFK Fisher was writing usciously wryly and humbly about eating itself decades before the word organic implied anything but carbon compound She is disdainful of trends although it s fascinating to read of some of them fillets of whiting with sherry calf s head a a Terrapin aspic of tunny roast Guinea fowl apricots in jelly velvet cream anchovies Zadioff but she isn t sel. As they were several decades ago when she composed them Why did she choose food and hunger she was asked and she replied 'When I write about hunger ,