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44 Scotland StreetStreet Her A course in Game Theory life takes an interesting turn when she meet Bruce Her Roommate who is a narcissistic womaniser Domenica A Writer Anthropologist who knows all the neighbour s dirtyaundry Erica pushy Stockbridge mother and her prodigiously talented five year old son who is making good progress with the saxophone and with his Italian Matthew Her New Boss who is struggling to keep his Art Gallery Business afloat And we follow each individual as they interact with one another as well as face their ife struggles induvialThe characters were so ifelike and the dialogue between them felt genuine The witty banter present in the writing was sharp and had this dry humour that had me bursting out in public I appreciate a book that could genuinely make me The Wild Queen (Young Royals, laugh and this one accomplished that goal so effortlessly It still had its interesting moments of human psychology as some of the character s philosophies shown without being too direct eg Disturbing Parental ways Failed dreams self discovery and so much A mystery about a certain painting is present but be weary the mystery doesn t drive the book but the individuals do Daughters could survive a powerful mother but boys found it almost impossible Such boys were often severely damaged and spent the rest of theirives running away from their mothers or from anybody who remotely reminded them of their mothers either that or they became their mothers in a desperate misguided act of psychological self defence I really had one problem with the book the a desperate misguided act of psychological self defence I really had one problem with the book the attraction between Pat and Bruce was off putting and just too confusing It made the female character appear very weak and needy which was just another train wreck Other than that the book was such a pleasure from alcoholic dogs to Interesting characters and just hilarious scenes would highly recommend it About Author The small fact this book was originally serialised and a chapter was realised each week in an Edinburgh newspaperThanks for Reading So until next time stay Bookish 45 stars I forgot how much I really enjoy this series Is it as great as the No 1 Ladies Detective no but what is This is very close Why do I Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality love it1 AMS is a soul author for me He is someone I trust I feel I know him I am safe with him It doesn t matter what is going on I know he won tet me down I could say this about any book he writes sight unseen 2 His characters the ikable ones which are neariy all of them are wise people I enjoy hearing their are neariy all of them are wise people I enjoy hearing their They are kind and always know the right thing to do or say I am often moved by what they do 3 In this series there are two psychiatrists a writer an artist an anthropologist an art dealer a wine merchant there are interesting people I often earn something from It s kind of Arduino Development Cookbook like someone serving a salad and they sprinkled some cool spices on it first Makes it better than you expected 4 AMSives in Edinburgh and a friend once told me I would Mastering Gephi Network Visualization love it if I ever went there I hope I get to see it one day but just in case I don t I feel I have been there because Edinburgh almost becomes a character in this series 5 There are a couple of main characters in here that I am really pulling for They are under 21 both of them and they are good souls And I want good things to happen tofor them And this is a big part of the reason I keep reading and now rereading these books That pretty much sums it up I think The audio version is performed by a man can t recall his name sorry who does an ok job I don tike the way he performs most of the women And I read mostly by The Canadian Regime listening so this is a small issue for me However will I stopistening Nope Just putting it out there in case it might matter to you In short I Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space love you Alexander McCall Smith Especially now for so many reasons Americaoves you We appreciate your good natured self and your wisdom and your culture and your decency and social butterflied ness You are a good man Thank you for writing so many books to keep us busy Long ive AMSFirst read 2010I enjoyed this and will definitely continue with the series Think of this as a soap opera without the smut It follows the ives of several residents of a building in Scotland Very interesting characters whom it s been interesting to get to know. Rn the saxophone and italian–all at the tender age of fiveLove triangles a ost painting intriguing new friends and an encounter with a famous Scottish crime writer are just a few of the ingredients that add to this delightful and witty portrait of Edinburgh society which was first published as a serial in The Scotsman newspaper. Dog the domineering mother of the five year old prodigy The characters are the strength of this series and I think I might be hooked for a while I ve just finished this book and I m absolutely enchanted with it The title of the Un Cadeau pour ma Femme last chapter sums it up Gain Loss Friendship Love What could one ask 44 Scotland Street is a gentle bookike murmured conversation about fascinating things The characters are real than many people I ve met in the flesh After the ast page is read you feel that they continue on without you as in ifeLiterary fiction is Shadow Bound like art I suppose you eitherove it or you don t I Loved It I Wish loved it I wish d known before purchasing this for my kindle that it was originally published as a daily newspaper serial Being prolific obviously comes easily to McCall and he accepted this challenge with no second thoughts comparing himself to Dickens whose novels were also originally published as serials but Mccall does a disservice to the reader Too many characters There is something about McCall s Smith s writing that brings a smile to my face Having read all of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and adored them I was hoping to find this series appealing as well and I certainly do Meeting these Scottish characters is Mapapansin Kaya? like sitting down to share a cup of coffee with a group of friends Normally the tangents some of these characters take would feel irrelevant and make me feel rather impatient but I was willing to ramble anywhere in the city and cover any subject with these folks I just wanted to spend time with them Iike Pat too She s a realistic sympathetic character and I ook forward to sharing new experiences with her What happens when Isabel Dalhousie with all her innate sense of decency walking and chatting merrily with the ess trusting but similarly all her innate sense of decency walking and chatting merrily with the Life at the End of thevTunnel less trusting but similarly and charming Mma Ramotswe turns a corner of a pleasant street and comes SMACK DAB INTO OUR CHAOTIC POSTMODERNIST JUNGLEThey wake up And theyoosen upFor yes if you re テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] living in a zany worldike the rest of us why not be a Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники little zany Yourself That doesn t mean you have to set aside your scruples Gilles Deleuze when younger and before he was plunged into the terminal nightmare of COPD juxtaposed the traditional with the zanily postmodernist very handily indeedFor postmodernist thought in no wise precludesevityAnd so one imagines realizes the inveterately sensible and polite Alexander McCall Smith turning a staid and placid corner of sedate old Edinburgh and coming unawares upon some of the Road Kill of modern ifeSo why did he suddenly changeAnd particularly why NOW when his fame and enormous royalties have put him into the class of MUST READ COZY MYSTERY AUTHORS A supernova in an otherwise predictably gleaming iterary night skyPersonally I think maybe one of his retired academic Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) legal cronies one day stared him in the eye over a few pints of dark brown Guinness an muttered Aye Sandy mead yer rich an famous so why not now GET WI THE TIMES And Sandy was thus taken aback uaffed his remaining few suds and went home to start WRITING UP A STORMI know fanciful But even The Audio Expert lowly GR hacksike me are entitled to a Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, little poeticicenceWhen I first read this I was shocked by the apparent chaos of this seriesBut now well you know I think it s FUNAnd now so I m ready for SandyNext round s on me matey Surprised at how much I enjoyed this really surprised Before you read this review make some tea get cosy because you are about to take a sneak peek into other people s خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود lives The young rarely believe that they will not be able to get what they want because there is always an open future I have to admit that I am always a bit curious as to how my next door neighboursive how they act behind closed doors what they eat for dinner what books are on their bookshelves and just the general curiosity Well if you have that burning itch to snoop this book is most definitely for you the way the author captured the Shemonah Perakim lifestyle of a small apartment building and the inhabitants were simply exuisite The premise of the book follows Pat a young na ve 20something year old girl who moved out of her parent s house because Independence and on her search for a place to stay she comes across space at 44 Scotland. Ful characters There's Pat a twenty year old who has recently moved into a flat with Bruce an athletic young man with a keen awareness of his own appearance Their neighbor Domenica is an eccentric and insightful widow In the flat below are Irene and her appealing son Bertie who is the victim of his mother’s desire for him toea. ,

Alexander McCall Smith writes a certain type of novel A cosy sandwiches and scones for afternoon tea type of book It s a tone that doesn t vary whether it is set in wet and gloomy Scotland or the glorious sun filled vistas of Botswana He Also Has A Definite has a definite of phrase that is uite uniue but sometimes it seems to be done because he is so delighted in himself and the cosy world he s created than for moving the stories forward or revealing the characters fully I enjoyed the The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series until it ran out of steam The same characters without anything new to add to them so they become caricatures of themselves And always in the same settings with the same very tiny and unimportant plots The excellent writing wasn t enough to induce me to read yet another one after about the sixth or seventh And so I see it with this book Another situation another cosy c I was reading a paperback edition and then starting with chapter 40 page 103 of 325 I started simultaneously istening to the audio CDs as I read the book I do enjoy reading that way with some books The audio narrator was okay good but not great There are very short chapters and at first I could tell this was written in serial form and I didn t Torakoita ja panssarivaunuja like it that much but I got used to it and even started appreciating the jumping around between charactersThe story was fun and witty and creative and Ioved the twists and I appreciated that the mystery was not a huge part of the bookstories The reader meets so many characters and I had some trepidation about keeping track of them but they and their stories were interesting and it was easy to keep track of themThere is so much humor with many amusing chuckle out Fenton Glass Compendium loud or ateast smiling moments I consider this of a humorous novel than mystery novel I am getting tired of book series though even though I ve read so many that I ve Inside the U D A liked and would now usually read standalone books books whose stories are complete and whose characters have had all that will be written about them in one book There are already so many books in this series I might read another because there are some characters I dove to follow Bertie Cyril Pat etc etc etc I feel the same way about his Ladies Detective Agency series I ve read the first two and I might also read of them The series are so different I A Medieval Christmas like both but unlike for Goodreads friend Laura neither are comfort reads for me In fact for years I ve watned to visit Edinburgh and if influenced in any way by this book I m nowess interested in visiting ALexander McCall Smith s setting of a historical apartment building and street in modern Edinburgh Scotland is a perfect background to present his cast of characters and their uniue personalities These are characters you ove hate or scratch your head at There are snippets of insight throughout with an abundance of references to philosophy paintings books and writings Big Lou s reading project and conversations contributes a great deal to this There are introductions about Scottish writers and artists the city of Edinburgh and the country of Scotland Edinburgh rates itself above GlasgowThis is a charming peaceful addicting read that originally appeared as a serial in the Scottish press Recommended for overs of a tiny plot and evolving characters Sixty pages into this book I stopped and
looked at the 
at the of it What was it about again Did the same thing sixty pages سایه لای پوست later When I finally closed the back cover I realized that this is a book about nothing It s Seinfeld in EdinburghMcCall Smith did this serial novel for The Scotsman newspaper in Edinburgh Each chapter is short about 9 inches of copy for a daily newspaper runAnd what he s created is this wonderful and funny character study Like Seinfeld nothing much happens but you really really enjoy the ride He had so much fun doing this book that he continued the series and did a second volume I hadn t intended to read the second volume but upon finishing this first one I marched right out and bought Espresso Tales I had to find out what happened to these hilarious characters the narcissist surveyor the hesitant heroine the incompetent gallery owner the eccentric portrait painter with the gold toothed. 44 SCOTLAND STREET Book 1The residents and neighbors of 44 Scotland Street and the city of Edinburgh come to vividife in these gently satirical wonderfully perceptive serial novels featuring six year old Bertie a remarkably precocious boy just ask his mother  Welcome to 44 Scotland Street home to some of Edinburgh's most color.